See Me Read!

For the last eight months I’ve had the pleasure of attending/reading/participating in The Brooklyn Prose Bowl, Brooklyn’s first and only semi-competitive prose open mic that they’re currently aware of. I have read at about four-or-so of the monthly meet-ups, received flattering feedback, made friends, and gorged myself on the power of the word and whiskey. On a fateful night this past December I took to the stage armed with my flash fiction short “Popcorn” (coming soon to this website) and emerged from the wintry fray a Prose Bowl Champion (with my very own socktapus)!

Now comes the first SUPER PROSE BOWL, a battle between SIX former Prose Bowl Champions at the KRAINE THEATER, JUNE 19th. I will be reading a brand new piece of flash alongside some of my favorite New York City writers on the rise. There will be laughs, there will be tears, there will be puns!

I would love to have as many people as possible cheering me on as my writing takes the biggest (physical) stage it has ever graced. Click the links above for more information or click here for tickets to the show!


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