Who Needs Some Escapism?!

So…that happened.

Moving right along TODAY 11/10 ONLY on Comixology you can get digital versions of Outlaw Territory Vol. 1 and Outlaw Territory Vol. 3 each with stories scripted by yours truly! Click the link and get some Wild West grit and violence on the cheap!

Also worth your click, Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits is now available on Amazon in both physical and Kindle editions! So excited to be a part of this project from Weirdpunk Books. It’s like a dream I didn’t specifically remember having come true.

Also, also, I did a great disservice by never posting a link to the recording of my flash fiction story “Popcorn” set to music! This performance is a gift and I want to send all my thanks to Jonathan Minton, Travis Tench, and the folks at Liars’ League NYC.

There. A lot of that was overdue. You now have cowboys, monsters, punk rockers, and talking ducks a mere mouse click away. Days like these are the days we need our heroes the most, both the real and the imaginary.

Stay tuned. Hopefully I will be back with more neat links to more neat neatnesses soon.

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