What Black Panther Means to Me…

So…did anybody hear about this new superhero movie? Apparently so since it’s currently making ALL THE MONEY at the box office while getting ALL THE GOOD REVIEWS at the same time. Black Panther has always been my favorite comic book character, but seeing him go from B-List Avenger to the biggest superhero on the planet has been…unexpected. If you had told me a decade ago not only would they make a BP movie but that it would make more money in four days than a movie with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman would make in its entire theatrical run…I would have been somewhat doubtful.

Before the movie came out the good people at Unwinnable allowed me to nerd vent about my years loving the king of Wakanda, his significance to me, his significance to comics and popular culture, and how those two significances interact in my mind.

If you’re hyped from seeing the movie and want to hear about the character’s four-color history, give the article a read. I’m extremely proud of it and grateful to Unwinnable for giving it a good home.

Now if you’ll excuse me…I need to go see Black Panther again.


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